sexy danielle cushman Smoking hot tattoo queen and MILF Danielle Colby Cushman known as simply Danny to fans of the hit TV series on the History channel American Pickers is driving the internet crazy. The divorced mother of two stated in a 2012 interview her fame ruined her marriage,  “fame and notoriety (was) not easy for him to deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out” said the girl from American Pickers. Danny works on the show and in real life as the office manager of Antique Archaeology(an antiques/collectibles shop)

Some little known facts to fans of the show is Danielle Cushman also regularly performs as an Burlesque dancer under the name of Dannie Diesel. Danielle is also a clothing designer, she started her own clothing line called 4 Miles To Memphis.

HOT: Exclusive Video footage of one of her sexy Burlesque performances: