rose_byrne_01Australian born Actress Rose Byrne has been in the public eye since 1989 but her star appeal has been trending higher than ever recently gaining major roles in big box office his such as “Neighbours” and most recently “Annie”. Byrne plays Grace Farrell the maternal figure to the orphan Annie.

Rose who is from Sydney, now lives in New York after years of living in London England. She is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Bobby Cannavale best known for his role of Officer Vincent “Vince” D’Angelo on the TV series Will & Grace.


Byrne recently won the AACTA Trailblazer Award and had to return home to the land down under to receive. Rose was quoted “There is something extra-special and emotional about coming home to receive something like this. It is so important to continue to nourish our industry and to continue to tell our stories and to have an Australian voice.”.

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