seema2Meet Doctor turned journalist / TV personality Dr. Seema Yasmin. You may recognize her from CNN’s coverage of the Ebola outbreak of 2014 when the first case of the disease on USA struck Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas Texas. Dr. Yasmin is also an staff writer at The Dallas Morning News, an medical correspondent for NBC Channel 5, and also a professor at The University of Texas.

At UT Dallas, Yasmin teaches classes on public health topics and provides mentorship for young women who are pursuing degrees in the sciences. She covers public health for The Dallas Morning News, and has written stories on issues including immigration and various diseases.


Seema nationality and religion is that of British Muslim, however she chooses not to wear an veil to cover her face and body as many female Muslims do as she is quoted as saying it doesn’t impact her “being a good Muslim”.

At age 32 (33 in 2015) just like a fine wine Dr. Yasmin seems to get better with age. Our staff here at ColorFlys have already declared her as TVs sexiest Doctor and that includes actresses that “play” Doctor for entertainment. The fact that Seema is an real life actual doctor makes her even hotter on our hot poll.


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