amie yanceyAmie Yancey is the outspoken wife of Scott Yancey from the hit A & E Reality show Flipping Vegas. Amie(Amy) works for the Goliath Company as an interior designer, investor, and agent. Shes is portrayed as an go hard or go home, do it big or don’t do it at all type of lady. Amie is an self proclaimed motorcycle chick and has owned eight in her lifetime.

Mrs. Yancy nationality is Canadian as she grew up in Canada and notes her personality comes directly from staying up yonder. Fans definitely notice her slight accent. She met her husband Scott in 1996 at an real estate event. The couple wed in the year 2000 and moved to their famous show titular Las Vegas in 2004. They recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary.¬† Amie is often seen on the show exceeding Scott’s renovation budget and Scott is very adamant¬† about increasing the bottom line, however Amie counters him by noting on Scott Yancy Car Collection and all of the electronic gadgets he has no problem spending on.

amy bikini

Sexy hot beach pictures of Amie Yancey(nsfw):


When Amie is not working(rare!) she loves her increasing fame and getting recognized by fans. She is often found outside walking her dog a dachshund named Tulula. Amy and Scott also enjoy scuba diving and relaxing on the beach bikini style. Many fans wonder if Amie has gotten any plastic surgery work done, particularly on her nose, however the answer is unknown.  You can find more information on Amie by following her on instagram and twitter and ask her questions. @Amie_Yancey


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