Lake-HillierWelcome to Pink Lake in Western Australia, this is one of two “pink lakes” found in the land down under. The other being Lake Hillier found on Middle Island which happens to be the largest island that make up the Recherche Archipelago. Naturally your first question is “Is this pink lake real?” The answer is Yes! However unfortunately contrary to popular belief these lakes aren’t always pink in color. The remarkable color of the water changes as a result of green alga Dunaliella salina or high concentration of brine shrimp. Obviously your second question is no doubt “Can you swim in these pink lakes?” The answer is of course! These bodies of water are salt water just like many other lakes and oceans around the world which means it harmless and perfectly safe to swim in. Unfortunately that means the answer to your third question of “Can you drink water from Pink Lake?” is a somber No! Lake Retba in Senegal gets an honorable mention on great pink lake as well.


Grand-Prismatic-Spring1Next is my favorite and arguably the most beautiful natural sight on earth located in good ole USA, Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Prismatic Spring which also happens to be the largest hot spring in the United States, and top five largest in the entire world. Think Boiling Lake and Flying Pan Lake of New Zealand. Grand Prismatic Spring looks like an giant rainbow volcano swimming pool of death and that’s what makes it so awesome. The center of this Hot spring is considered sterile because of its extreme heat! Ladies and gentle this is not a hot tub you want to go relaxing in after an hard days work unless you want to be boiled dinner!


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